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Find words on the WordSpiral to eliminate them from the game board. Try to eliminate all the letters on the Board. Watch the board shrink after each word is found. How many turns does it take to clear the board? THEN - ask WordSpiral to Solve the same board you just played and see how many words it is able to find. 

Now available on: Steam and The Microsoft Store

- A modernized look and feel
- A re-sizable and movable screen
- An alternate scoring system
Play a common game board among all players to compete
for the top weekly score



Now on Steam (Windows and Mac) and the Microsoft Store
Coming soon to Android and iOS

Your turn to select the letters of your word
Use neighboring letters
Form words using neighboring letters
Double click last letter
Double click the last letter to remove each word found
Watch board shrink
Watch the board shrink as each word is selected

Then WordSpiral Plays your game

"Solve Detail" will show you the hundreds or thousands of words that are found on the board as it selects which word to use on its turn. "Solve" immediately finds the best word to use as it plays the same game board you just played. If you hit "NEXT" while watching "Solve Detail", it will stop showing the details and just Solve the puzzle. 

Watch AI play the same board
Watch WordSpiral play the same board
Watch AI shrink the game board
Watch as it shrinks the game board
Shrink down and down
Down and down
Valid versus invalid words

Game statistics

Valid versus Invalid words

After each turn, the game indicates that percentage of the board that has been eliminated, how many valid words have been found, how many invalid words were selected, and the total number of moves that have been made.

WordSpiral score

Game Score Display

WordSpiral Score

WordSprial determines a score after each valid word is found. The score is a percentage of the best possible score of the game. So the top score is 100%. The best possible score is to clear the entire game board in 10 turns. The score is based on the number of valid words found at any time, plus bonus points which are reduced at each round. A percentage is lost for unused letters at the end of the game. The user can tell if the game is over by asking if there are any words remaining that they did not see. Refer to the NEXT button function which follows.

Next button

Show the best word on the board

NEXT button shows the best word to play

When you get down to the last few letters remaining on the board, and you think the game is over, you can hit the NEXT button. It will look at the game board and it will show you the best word that is still remaining on the board or let you know the game is over.

If you are just curious of the best word to play at any round of the game, NEXT will show you that word. You can play that word or any other word at that point.

WordSpiral has a dictionary of nearly 200,000 words!!! You will be surprised at the words it is able to find. 

More button

MORE configuration options

MORE Button Configuration

The MORE button brings up a new window where you may configure game parameters such as turning the music and sounds on and off or setting their volumes.

Or just play with patterns

There are hundreds of millions of ways to connect neighbors on the game board. In NUMBERS mode, you can draw any pattern of neighboring cells and watch them be removed from the board one number at a time. Just select New Numbers and double click the last digit of the pattern you have drawn. 
Numbers mode
Draw any path


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