WordSpiral - player's turn

Select the letters of a word and double click the last letter to enter it. You can only use a letter once in a word. If the word is valid it will be eliminated from the game board and the board will shrink. The goal is to eliminate the spiral in the least number of moves. The number of valid and invalid words is displayed along with what percentage of the game board you have eliminated. A game score will tell you how well you are doing compared to the maximum possible score of 100%. 

Player's turn

WordSpiral plays the same board

SOLVE mode looks through the same game board the player just played. It looks for the best word to use each time and plays it.

WordSpiral SOLVE mode

WordSpiral shows how it thinks

SOLVE DETAIL mode will show the hundreds of thousands of valid words it finds on a game board before selecting the word it will use. 
You can stop showing the details at any time by hitting the NEXT button.

WordSpiral SOLVE DETAIL will indicate how many valid words it discovers before selecting the word it will play. It shows you words found as it looks over the entire game board. .

Words found

Console window displays all the valid words found

See the thousands of words found on a game board

While WordSpiral solves the game board, it shows a background window displaying all of the valid words discovered. starting from each letter on the board. On a full board it may find 3,000 or 4,000 valid words!!!

WordSpiral has an extensive dictionary of nearly 200,000 words, so you will be surprised at the words it is able to find. It may find the same word multiple times when the same letters are next to each other and it runs across the same word along a different path. There are over 438,000,000 different ways to create a 10 letter word on a WordSpiral game board. 

Word Spiral Word Game - Eliminate all the letters on the game board
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