Challenge Mode

Starting at 12:01 am Eastern Time USA each Sunday, a special game board is posted that can be played as many times as you wish during the week. When you are happy with your score, submit it to the leaderboard. 

See how your score compares to all other WordSpiral players.

A "Points-based" (see below) in lieu of a "percentage-based" scoring system allows for greater and more diverse scores. No SOLVE mode for this game. 

The leaderboard shows this weeks leaders as well as the prior weeks leaders. A future version will show all prior weeks, the winning sequence, and allow old games to be replayed. It will also show how the built in AI scored on that game board. 

Weekly Leaderboard

Play the weekly challenge board and compare your scores to other WordSpiral players. You can view the current weeks leaders as well as last weeks winners. You need to score at least 1 point to get onto the leaderboard. So you can find one word and submit it and your score will appear. Your highest score for the week will appear. 


WordSpiral Points System

WordSpiral supports two scoring systems. You may use the settings to set which scoring system to use. The percentage system is based how close you can get to clearing the entire spiral in 10 moves without leaving any unused letters on the board. 

The Points system, which is always used for challenge mode, associates a point score based on each alphabetic letter in the word. When a valid word is formed, the points are added together and a bonus added for 5 or more letters in the word.

A=1, B=3, C=3, D=2, E=1, F=4, G=2, H=4, I=1, J=8
K=5, L=1, M=3, N=1, O=1, P=3, Q=10, R=1, S=1, T=1
U=1, V=4, W=4, X=8, Y=4, Z=10

Bonus Points Based on Word Length
5 letters - 2 points

6 letters - 4 points
7 letters - 8 points
8 letters - 12 points
9 letters - 16 points
10 letters - 20 points

Note: When a solution is submitted, the score is the sum of the letter values plus the bonus points. 

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