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Find words on the WordSpiral to eliminate them from the game board. Try to eliminate all the letters on the Board. Watch the board shrink after each word is found. How many turns does it take to clear the board? THEN - ask the WordSpiral AI to Solve the same board you just played and see how many words it is able to find. Watch out - Word Spiral has a huge dictionary of 200,000 words.

Play the weekly common game board, from any device, for the highest score. This game uses points scoring instead of the standard percentage scoring system.

Now available on Steam for the PC / Mac,  in the Apple App Store (for iOS), the Google Play Store (Android),
and the Amazon App Store (Android).

The game is a free download that allows a limited number of free plays without ads. This introduces you to the game without having to watch ads. It also allows you to play Challenge Mode for a couple of weeks with an unlimited number of tries each week. When the ads begin, you have the option to purchase the No-Ads version of the game. If you have already purchased the No Ads version before, you are given the option to "Restore" your prior purchase. Note that there could be a delay of several seconds when purchasing the No-Ads option and the "Please Wait" message will appear as it gets ready. 

Now on Steam (Windows and Mac) 
and on Mobile Devices.
Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad App Store)
and on Android (Google Play Store),
and Amazon (Play Store)

Select the letters of your word and double click the last letter to enter it
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Form words using neighboring letters

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Double click the last letter to remove the word found

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Watch the board shrink as each word is selected

If you can't find a word - ask the AI for a HINT

The AI will find the best word it can find.
If there are no more words on the board and you ask for a hint, it will tell you the game is over
and congratulate you for clearing the board
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It could find hundreds of words along the way using its extensive dictionary.

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The Word Spiral AI will look through the game board searching for a good valid word to play.

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Until it finds its best choice. It could very well be a word you have never heard of given its 200,000 word vocabulary !!!

Correcting Errors

If you start a word but then see a better word elsewhere, just start the new word. As long as you are not selecting a letter next to the prior letter, the prior word will be forgotten and the new word will start.

If you select the wrong letter and wish to remove it, just click on the prior letter and it will be removed.

When you are done, ask the AI to play
the same game board

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Press the Reset button to restore the board that you just played.

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Your original game board is restored. You can play the same board all over again for a better score or ask the AI to show you what it can do with the game board. 

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Solve will cause the AI to play your game board. Solve With Detail will show you the thousands of words it might find while solving the game board. The Abort button that appears returns to normal Solve mode.

Watch the AI shrink the Word Spiral

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Watch the AI play your game board and find many valid words along the way to finding the best one it wants to play

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Watch the board shrink down as each word is found

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Down and down until no more words can be found

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Word Spiral Scores

WordSprial determines a score after each valid word is found. The score is a percentage of the best possible score of the game. So the top score is 100%. The best possible score is to clear the entire game board in 10 turns. The score is based on the number of valid words found at any time, plus bonus points which are reduced at each round. A percentage is lost for unused letters at the end of the game. The user can tell if the game is over by asking if there are any words remaining that they did not see (use the Hint! button). 

An alternate scoring system is part of challenge mode. This uses a letter points system plus increasing bonus points for words of 5 or more letters. Challenge mode pits you against other WordSpiral players around the world, for the highest weekly score. No AI or Hints in challenge mode!!!

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See all the words you and the AI have played

Press the ">" button in the upper left corner to see a scrollable list of all of the words that have been played and the scores. 

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Settings Screen

The settings screen allows you to turn the music and sound effects on and off and adjust their volumes.

The Word Removal speed controls how quickly letters are removed from valid words found. Letters are removed from the first to the last letter one letter at a time. When a letter is removed from the spiral, all the letters that follow it move down to fill in the space where the letter was removed. With the mid-range default speed you can see these holes being removed. Setting the speed to the highest level, removes each letter almost instantly.

This screen is also used to select the scoring mechanism to use in the game. Challenge mode always uses the Point System instead of the percentage sytem.

A 'preset' game board may also be selected using the settings screen. This is the same game board every time so you may work on it over and over to figure out how to obtain the highest score. 

Puzzle Strategy / Beat the AI

When the letters of a word are removed, those letters that follow each letter toward the outside of the spiral will move down one cell for each letter. The letters below it toward the center of the spiral do not move. You can use this to your advantage to try to align letters in order to make a better following word. 

The neighboring letters on the board change as each word is formed. So there can literally be hundreds of new possible words found after each word is removed. The is no telling if the removal of a 4 letter word is going to reveal a 10 letter word after it is removed. The game changes as each word is formed. Play the same board again and you can get an entirely different score.

The AI can be beaten. It uses a strategy of finding the longest word toward the center on each round. But, sometimes a strategy of selecting the highest point score on each turn beats the longest word strategy. But, with the changing letters with each word found, selecting a certain word at one round, could open a set of longer and higher scoring words at the next round. The AI can be beaten.

Play the same board again and again to see how different your score can become. 

WordSpiral Android Statistics

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